Hot Tubs

Each Tropic Seas Spa has been handcrafted to provide a feature-rich, optimal mix of elegance and functionality. These spas are built with the ideal combination of innovative engineering and energy efficiency.


Tahiti | 965L

8-person hot tub

Waikiki Tropic Seas Spa

Waikiki | 864L

6-person hot tub

Oahu | 864B

7-person hot tub

Maui Tropic Seas Spa

Maui | 851L

6-person hot tub

Tropic Seas Fiji Hot Tub

Fiji | 851B

7-person hot tub

Kona Tropic Seas Spa

Kona | 751B

7-person hot tub

Rio Tropic Seas Spa

Rio | 751L

6-person hot tub

Kawai Tropic Seas Spa

Kawai | 745L

6-person hot tub

Lanai Tropic Seas Spa

Lanai | 531L

3-person hot tub

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