Weather Guard Covers by Tropic Seas Spas

Investing in a good cover is investing in the longevity of your hot tub!


Hot tub covers are an important part of extending the lifespan of your spa by protecting it from debris and severe weather conditions. Weather Guard Covers are an improvement to the standard vinyl cover. These covers provide an updated look, an increased lifespan and weigh 25% less than a standard cover.

Weather Guard Hot Tub Cover

Weather Guard Covers are an upgrade to the traditional vinyl cover at a comparable price. Vinyl is a PVC plastic and tears under stress, whereas, the Weather Guard Cover is made from polyester fibers and woven into a fabric. These fibers remain strong as the stitching weaves through them, unlike how vinyl is punctured by a needle and therefore weakened at the seams. This stitching process makes the Weather Guard Cover two times stronger where the seams meet and lead to better longevity and durability.

To protect the covers from moisture and harsh weather conditions they are built with a urethane backing. The backing gives the covers the needed support to provide heightened tear and abrasion resistance.

Available Colors: Stone, Pinot and Midnight